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Lightscaping, Outdoor lighting

Lightscaping is the creative world we can make into a reality for your garden and outdoor areas. They are the canvas on which colour, texture and other effects will drape around the features you wish to enhance and enjoy. For some customers, conventional, high energy lighting has its place. With our design approach, our customers sometimes find ‘less is more’, and achieve better results with low energy solutions.

We work closely with garden designers or our direct client to agree and establish priorities to make wishes come true - for the outdoor lighting at any rate. We will work with you to create the lightscape that is right for your garden and outdoor areas.

Palace to patio outdoor lighting

We design with spare capacity in mind for additional garden lighting at a later stage to allow you as much future flexibility as possible. By using the best quality garden lights and fittings, you will ensure that your lighting will be fabulous for many enjoyable years.

Irrigation and outdoor lighting

How frustrating is it to see ground disturbed repeatedly for lighting irrigation, landscaping, etc? By working with irrigation contractors like Watermatic ltd, we ensure that pipe work and electrical cables are handled simultaneously. And where landscaping is carried out, we liaise with the contractor on a cabling plan to minimise any disruption to the garden.

Outdoor lighting affects

You will get some great ideas from us for Lightwashing, shadowing, Cross lighting, Uplighting, Downlighting, Moonlighting, Path and step lighting, Water lighting. The range of possibilities is endless as it links to the uniqueness of your garden and outdoor areas.

Reliable installation of ourdoor lighting

All our electricians are experienced and fully qualified. Our electricians are experienced, external fitters who understand the garden and how the lights should be installed and positioned.

You need things designed and tailored made, but also safe. We know this is a crucial issue with electricity in the garden. As professionals we take care of that to ensure the results are stunning without being shocking. All of our work is guaranteed for 1 year to give you peace of mind.

All equipment used is IP rated for external conditions plus all cables, transformers and glands are placed out of sight to ensure that lighting scheme is the only bit that is apparent when lit at night.

aftercare outdoor lighting

It is important to keep things in tip top condition for safety and beauty. Whether you choose to take out a service contract with us or not, we can support you by carrying out annual safety checks and any repairs or changes to your lighting scheme in the future.